Black Rabbit Service Co.


Service Pricing

We like to be totally clear with what we charge up front. We all know how much it sucks to get a bill from a repair tech with hidden charges beyond what you thought was agreed upon.  Here is our price list: 

Labor Rates

$75/hr. Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

$100/hr. Off Hours (After 5pm through before 9am)

$125/hr. Weekends (After 5pm Friday through before 9am Monday)

$75/hr. Travel Time**

*All service calls are a 1 hour minimum charge, after the first hour you will be billed in half hour increments.

**Travel time is charged if you are outside the Portland metro area. Travel time will only be billed on the outbound trip. For example, Eugene is 2 hours away from Portland, so the travel time fee will be $150. Travel rates are charged in addition to our hourly labor rates.

 All Invoices are due at time of service.

Preventive Maintenance

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